Time To Celebrate!

“From the idea to unleash East Africa's Tech Talents to establish a sustainable Developer-as-a-Service offering.”

One year ago, we incorporated Code of Africa GmbH after having teamed-up with all founders and shaped our profile - wow, what a journey since with our clients, business partners and coding teammates, supporters and friends on board!

The huge deficit in the industry looking for Software Engineers was one of the main baselines, when we did the business planning for our Developer as a Service (DaaS) offering. We used market-numbers from DACH, especially Germany as our core market. Mainly, the number of 55.000 open jobs in IT (according Bitkom research in 2017) encouraged us to follow our outsourcing and team distribution approach to serve this high demand. We established a team of Software Engineers in East Africa for creating our win-win-win approach:

1st win
Job creation on-site in East Africa and increasing local spending power.

2nd win 
Enabling comprehensive software development projects of any size, at internationally competitive rates.

3rd win
Investing in something good (CSR) on client-side.

Now, one year later, we are working together with our first clients, leaning so much through the growing business, expanding our team while working across East Africa in Rwanda and Kenya. The number for open IT jobs in Germany has grown by 50% to 83.000 in 2018 (Bitkom research), followed most likely by 125.000 (!) in 2019 - which means more opportunities to create win-win-win & win situations with clients (the fourth "win" is connecting teams/talents across the continent).

The positive feedback from clients about working with the Code of Africa team is highly encouraging and energizing.

We are very grateful for

  • our first clients who already expanded their scope,
  • the support we got from all sides,
  • the very encouraging feedback,
  • the mutual work-results,
  • the trust placed in us and our team

and for having such great team members by our side in East Africa!

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Dear Client

Accelerate your growth in a sustainable way through our distributed team solution. By partnering with us you are guaranteed excellent service as well as knowing you boost the growth & development in East Africa.

Dear Developer

The CoA Circle is always interested in talents from East Africa who are constantly evolving & looking for new challenges - for the benefit of our clients and for having fun in a great community!