Get Your IT Jobs Done While Making A Difference

Our beats for building a business bridge between tech talents in East Africa and the demand of clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by contributing to job creation, education and a more positive perception of (East-)Africa in Europe.​

How We Make It Work

Generating positive social and economic impacts while accelerating these through a profit motive.


Solving IT Talent Shortage

Making the tech talent hub East Africa
available to the demand market in DACH
(Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Contributing To Local

Upskilling East Africa graduates by setting
up an on-site training and mentoring program.


Creating Employment
& Income

Building local employment options in East Africa
for qualified professionals.
Generating more income & local spending power.


Knowledge Base

Developers get exposed to industry standards
of the DACH region yet remain in East Africa.
Creating a basis for sustainable development
through remote working.


Deliver Compelling
Financial Benefits

A model that enables competitive pricing compared
to Developer-As-A-Service business in the DACH region or Eastern Europe and a fair local pay at the same time.


Doing Good

Creating sustainable employment in East Africa.
Contributing to overall sustainable development & CSR.
Unleashing African creativity and potential.
Contributing to a more positive perception
of (East-) Africa in Europe.

We Believe In


We blend our knowledge and skill across disciplines in an effort to both teach and learn from ourselves, our clients, partner companies and the greater community.
We focus on fair pay and meaningful incentives to support the growing community of software engineers and designers in East Africa which we are proud to be a part of.
Everything we do for our clients contributes to something greater.


To create a sustainable pool of Software Developers we do not stop with creating a physical location in Kigali that meets modern work environment standards. In order to offer a broad service portfolio we team up with tech companies from Rwanda and Kenya alike.

We are aiming to build the CoA CIRCLE with responsible and caring people that we can trust - always creating & growing!


We are a geographically diverse team that collaborates. We make our Developer-as-a-Service set-up beneficial for everyone and provide unparallelled freedom to work in a way that’s most productive for each party - and avoiding 'talent drain' at once.

The time proximity between East Africa and the DACH region enables an easy-going distributed team solution - providing all means to satisfy agile project management lovers.


With our genuinely positive-thinking attitude and a passion to learn and grow we continue to do great things together. We spark a great sense of camaraderie along the way.

The drive and skills of the developers bring about high quality and efficiency to diverse IT tasks. But besides all work, we never forget to entertain and make others smile.


We compete on quality - so for Code of Africa it is natural to spend time to understand our client's requirements & to identify the right resource(s) to deliver.

We project-manage towards specific quality goals, then have a participatory work planning approach - ensuring the best possible result.

Solving your digital challenges by

Software & Dashboards
Applications & Web
Big Data
Cloud Infrastructure
Geospatial Technology

Get To Know Us

Some faces behind Code of Africa. The CoA Circle is a bunch of like-minded people with one vision: To create an environment in which East Africa is named as the top destination for IT services.


Managing Director

Anja Schlösser

Anja is a buying expert with 15+ years management background. During this time, she established successful international business partnerships and trustful as well as appreciative relationships with stakeholders. In addition to her feeling for people and numbers, she is passionate to contribute to social well-being of communities in Africa.


Project Manager

Pius Abijuru

Pius has 4 years of experience working in Electronic Commerce, where he worked with Jumia Group as the Head of Content Management and later the Head of Customer Service. Currently, he works as our project manager. Prior to that he worked with several companies in developing expansion and marketing strategies.


Full-Stack Developer

F. Regis Ishimwe

A developer with a passion for solving challenges, different skills like web application and backend development. He worked with different startup Tech companies like TIKE LTD, and that developed his developing skills. The understanding of teamwork and learning spirit, is what enables him to do more and be more.


Business Development

Axel Kuhlmann

After more than 20+ years experience in the Media-Industry, Axel established two companies for organizational & personal development in China & Hong Kong, which made him a matured coach in the fields of Leadership & Business Development. In addition, he is responsible for our communication in the client market.


Advisor & Talent Scout Kenya

Hans Stoisser

Hans is entrepreneur, management consultant, keynote speaker and author with a 30+ years’ experience in Emerging Countries, specifically in Africa. His company ECOTEC GmbH, a company for Institutional and Technical Infrastructure, has since been engaged in upgrading infrastructure projects all over the continent.


Back-End Developer

Lionel Mfizi

Besides his role as CEO of our partner Awesomity Lab, Lionel is working on freelance basis as Senior Developer for CoA clients as well, depending on time and project scope. Lionel combines his smart mind with an awesome sense of humor - a combination we immediately fell in love with.



Yves Honore B.

Yves, known as HB, is the creative mastermind of Awesomity Lab and is working part-time as our UI & UX expert whenever we need some brilliant Mock Up or Graphic Designs, such as our company logo. HB’s smile is illuminating the same office space he has designed by himself.



Lancelot Sheja

Lancelot works as Communication Officer at Awesomity labs. Among her experience is Marketing and she is very passionate about literature and contemporary history. Lancelot is supporting us when we are reaching out to the local talent market and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Marketing at the AUCA.


Full Stack Developer

Shimanyi Valentino

Design Thinking Enthusiast, Software Developer (Python, JavaScript, PHP), Daddy and Tech entrepreneur - this is how Shimanyi, the CEO of our partner Sisitech Ltd., is describing himself. We urgently need to add that Code of Africa just loves his bright shining character, sense of humor and awesome leadership skills.


UI & UX Specialist

Ali Dennis

UI/UX Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in different fields in the software development space with well-articulated design philosophies. Ali spearheads the creative processes and is highly skilled in front-end software development focusing on web and mobile-based applications - whenever he is not DJing.


Full Stack Engineer

Mwangi Micha

Micha is both a software & hardware engineer with 5 years professional experience, where he has tinkered with different aspects ranging from embedded systems to software solutions at Enterprise level. Micha loves solving problems & creating products. Technology, being ubiquitous as it is, has allowed him to engage in these two passions.


Full Stack Developer

Norman Munge

A Software Engineer located in Nairobi with 5 years of professional experience in developing mid to large-scale websites and web-applications. Passionate about technology, version control, software automation and skilled in software development (Javascript, PHP, Python, USSD) – while being a beautiful soul just gorgeous to work with.

Dear Client

Accelerate your growth in a sustainable way through our distributed team solution. By partnering with us you are guaranteed excellent service as well as knowing you boost the growth & development in East Africa.

Dear Developer

The CoA Circle is always interested in talents from East Africa who are constantly evolving & looking for new challenges - for the benefit of our clients and for having fun in a great community!

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